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The Fashion Blogger


Blogging about fashion is still booming. All over the world fashion addicts write about the latest trends. They reveal the best places to shop and show that it is possible to look fabulous every day. Three years ago, we introduced beauty bloggers Mascha and Cynthia, who are now the number 1 and 2 most succesfull business woman according to the dutch contest viva400. These are some fashion bloggers that are worth checking out…

In holland, there are lots of talented girls that are writing about fashion. You can find a good list of them here. And especially, check out these future-to-be stars:

Chantal Lindsen – Readers of our blog already know Chantal, this girl gave up her job to follow her dream: Write about fashion. She now works on the side for a newspaper, and a very cool clothing shop named ‘Sister Moon‘.

Lizzy van der Ligt – She said goodbye to her career as a professional dancer, to study fashion in Amsterdam. On her blog, she writes about her style, clothing, trips and shows us her inspiration.

Glam bloggers
Glam bloggers are fun to follow. The outfits they wear are often way over a ‘normal persons’ budget… But still, you can get inspired by their looks and success:

Chiara Ferragni – Italian beauty (aka ‘The Blonde Salad’) won the 2011 “Newcomer Blogger of the Year” award during the Bloglovin Awards Prize in New York. She featured in fashionmagazines in Japan. Follow her on Twitter.

Hanneli Mustaparta – Successful model and fashion blogger from Norway. She flies around the world and blogs about her adventures in a poetic way.

Gala Gonzalez – This twenty-something girl from Spain is a stylist and creative director. And lucky us: She shares all her adventures with us on her blog.

Scott Schuman – Ha! Finally, a man. On his blog ‘The Sartorialist‘ he writes about the two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.

Elin Kling – The world’s first fashion blogger that designed a collection for H&M (Sweden), and runs her own magazine nowadays. There. Now it’s your turn…

More great fashion bloggers can be found here.