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Admired Agencies


Aside from the world’s most admired companies, there are many interactive agencies all over the world, that create beautiful work and inpire people with their creativeness. I asked my colleagues what they think are the most inspiring agencies at the moment (in random order), as well as some from the FWA Hall of Fame:

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North Kingdom’s Showreel (it’s from 2 years ago, but still great):

Cool Workplaces
And aside from these inspiring interactive agencies.. these offices are amazing, based on the design of the office itself, and the overall awesomeness of their work environment.

Google office

Google. Office designed by Camenzind Evolutionhas.

For more great looking offices, take a look on This Aint Not Disco (‘it’s where we work’). As you might expect, you can find us there too. Inc made a great list of cool workplaces back in 2010, still worth checking out, as well as these 10 great workplaces and these 11 ‘seriously awesome’ workplaces.