13 September 2016

6 June 2016

The future of user interface design

When he was working as a scientific consultant for Steven Spielberg, John Underkoffler captured the imagination of many digital designers with his futuristic, gesture controlled UI in the film Minority Report. Spielberg said to Underkoffler: “Please tell me that in 50 years we still won't be operating a UI with a mouse and a keyboard!”

3 June 2016

The Next Web Conference Europe 2016 – five highlights

Did you miss out on the TNW last week? Well then here are our five highlights of what turned out to be the biggest The Next Web Conference Europe ever in Amsterdam.

22 January 2016

The Digital Hospitality of IFFR

IFFR.com has been completely redesigned! The new strategy and the total redesign are aimed at creating the ultimate experience for every visitor to the festival. IN10 developed the new platform and various digital services, including the new and improved IFFR Festival Dashboard, theFirst Aid for Film Selection tool, a personal festival planner, and the platform for IFFR Live.