Congratulations! You’re a Digital Brand!

Whether you like it or not, your brand is now a digital brand - simply because that is how people have grown to assess all brands these days. People even perceive digitally advanced companies or organisations as offering more value*, so a strong focus on digital is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It’s essential for any for modern day business trying to get (or stay) ahead.

Now, this isn’t all that surprising: we’re used to using digital tools everywhere and anytime in our private lives. And as soon as something is digitally possible in one part of our lives we immediately assume it should be possible elsewhere just as well. Even more so, we’re disappointed when it isn’t!

So it makes perfect sense that when a company uses digital means just as much as we do, it feels like a better fit. And creating that better fit is exactly the challenge we’re facing.

What people want vs. what your business needs
What people want and what your business needs aren’t necessarily the same thing.

But we believe that the closer you can get the two together, the better you will do as a digital brand.

When every interaction your audience has with your organisation is something that they’ve enjoyed, they’re more likely to do it again and recommend your brand to others. They’ll prefer interacting with you just as much as they’d prefer interacting with people they like.

“Service is delivering on your promise. Hospitality is making people feel good while you’re delivering on that promise.”

Aaron Bare

Welcome to the era of Digital Hospitality
Hospitality isn’t confined to hotels or restaurants anymore; there’s so much every organisation can learn from the hospitality industry in how to create the perfect digital brand:

  • Thinking in (literal) customer journeys
  • Aligning every touchpoint to the same brand story
  • Using digital service layers (booking etc.) to complement core product
  • Listening to their guests and learn from that to improve service

The hospitality industry is all about exceeding the expectations, to create the ultimate ‘user’ experience and to surprise. Because they know that, in the end, that’s best for business.

Applying the same principles to your business will help you exceed the expectations of your audience, to surprise them with every interaction and to turn what your business needs to be successful into what people actually want. This is what we call Digital Hospitality

“It’s important to understand that technology creates opportunity, but it’s creativity that creates value.”

Sir John Hegarty

The pillars of Digital Hospitality
A successful Digital Hospitality consist of many things working together like clockwork. The perfect balance between intelligence, emotion and creativity. We won’t go into detail here, but these are the pillars we use:

  • Empathetic
  • Proactive
  • Intuitive
  • Dynamic
  • Authentic
  • Innovative

If you’d like to know more about Digital Hospitality and how it can help you reshape your business for the future, please give us a call. We’ll gladly tell you all about it.

*Harvard Business Review, sept.’16