The Digital Hospitality of IFFR has been completely redesigned! The new strategy and the total redesign are aimed at creating the ultimate experience for every visitor to the festival. IN10 developed the new platform and various digital services, including the new and improved IFFR Festival Dashboard, theFirst Aid for Film Selection tool, a personal festival planner, and the platform for IFFR Live.

Marlies de Gooijer

All these new resources have taken the ‘Digital Hospitality’ of the festival to a much higher level. The main improvement was the total redesign of

A personal event planner tool makes it easy for the average visitor, who wants to spend a few days at the festival, to choose which films to go and see based on their favourite genre, ticket availability, and their preferred dates.

Film buffs and seasoned festival-goers like to put a program together for (almost) all the festival days. For these visitors, we compiled a block calendar, an A to Z film list, and optimised the detailed overview for each day of the festival.

First Aid for Film Selection


For newcomers to the festival and visitors who want to buy tickets for a single film, we set up the First Aid for Film Selection site to guide them through the enormous range of films on offer. By answering a couple of easy questions, the film selection tool guides them to films that suit their preferences which they can still buy tickets for. This tool has also been used to create an offline activation point in Rotterdam Central Station.

Festival Dashboard

The upselling and crosselling during the festival has been enhanced even further with the help of an activating Festival Dashboard. In each theatre, a specific dashboard was projected with Instagram feeds, 3-word reviews, an emoji film title quiz, festival highlights, and last minute tickets. In this way the festival experience was augmented, enticing visitors to extend their stay and see extra films.

Digital Hospitality

Festival-goers expect a total experience, not only in the programming itself, but through all the activities before, during, and after the festival as well. For example, the total experience can include: following news updates via social media and newsletters, getting advance information from the website, putting together a programme, saving favourites, ordering tickets, paying bills, asking questions, your arrival at the festival, the film experience itself, and of course sharing your experiences. At all these touchpoints, festival-goers want to find what they are looking for, be inspired, get motivated, experience the festival mood, meet other film fanatics, and get access to exclusive content and events. IN10 develops customer journeys centred around its vision on digital hospitality. More about digital hospitality.

Behind the screens

At we have bundled all the background information about all our digital projects for the IFFR. We also use this site to post regular updates about ticket sales, what is happening on social media, and the coverage of IFFR Live.

Update March 2016

The results
The 45rd edition of the IFFR has now ended, and we can look back at a very successful festival! The results of the new and improved website are also impressive, as can be seen from the figures. Compared with 2015, the conversion of went up by 41%, while the total number of transactions went up by 13%. The visitors to also made frequent use of the new tools: 14,000 films were saved as favourites, 57,000 films were added to diaries, 20,000 First Aid for Film Selection recommendations were issued, and there were almost 1,600 requests for personal planner advice.

One user saved no less than 138 films as favourites, while another visitor planned an incredible 96 events in his diary. Now that is what we call a film fanatic!

Burst was involved in the transformation of the vision and the design of IN10 into a very user-friendly website. With the integration of a customised festival API (developed by 3PO) and a ticketing API (TicketTrigger, developed by Zicht online), the website provides maximum support for ticket sales, and film-goers can now buy tickets quickly and easily using their mobile phone.