Digital hospitality - part 1

Last year we decided to drop the Communication part of IN10 Communication. Not because we are going to stop developing communication, but because we do so much more than that. In our role as a creative agency, we have seen the boundaries between communication, marketing, and service provision gradually fade away. Innovation has become a much more important item on the marketing agenda, and it is increasingly the decisive factor in establishing true value and outstanding differentiation for a brand. This calls for innovation in the product or service itself, and in the communication about the product or service. The expectations of both users and clients in terms of functionality, UX, content, and experience are getting higher and higher all the time.

Marlies de Gooijer

In order to meet the expectations for a brand, and to exceed them wherever possible, at every touchpoint with the brand, we like to think in digital services. We call that Digital Hospitality. In this first blogpost about Digital Hospitality, we want to share a few practical case studies of our own.

Hitting the new demographic

IFFR IFFR is well-known for the enormous range of films on offer, and of course the fun afterparties. Film buffs and fans of arthouse films are familiar with the types of films that are presented at the festival. However, many of the films being shown are also accessible and relevant for a wider audience. Unfortunately, this audience just doesn't know it yet. Furthermore, with over 700 films to choose from, how would they know where to start?

That is why IN10 developed the 'First Aid for Film Selection' tool. By answering just a few simple questions, the First Aid for Film Selection tool can draw up a list of films which match the preferences of the festival visitor. It only suggests films with available tickets, which can then be purchased immediately online.

iffr_ipad-1Because this test is so relevant, it is also shared a great deal on social media.We follow the people who do that online and then offer them targeted content about a specific film or festival event that matches their profile preferences. This helps the IFFR to increase its brand recognition, relevance, and conversion, all in one go.

Development of digital services

This type of brand utility is useful for both the target group and the brand itself. Sometimes we take this even further by developing an entirely new product. Ster Extra is a perfect example of this type of product. Together with the client, we developed a totally new proposition for advertisers. Ster Extra provides augmentation for TV advertising.

Within this second-screen app, an activation is often linked to the above-the-line campaign. The use of Ster Extra means people will recognize and remember a TV commercial much faster and much longer. And this will give the advertiser a much bigger bang for his buck. That is how delivered on the brand promise of ‘Ster Versterkt’ (Ster Strengthens), which we also came up with.


In our work for The Greenery we went a step further by developing a value proposition. We created the ‘Fresh Harvest’ platform for them, which focuses on vegetables and fruit. This content is relevant for the consumers, and thus brings them closer to the growers of The Greenery. It makes it possible for The Greenery to have direct contact with the end customers. Every day, there are dozens of interactions between the consumers themselves, and between the growers and the followers.

After 3 years, when the platform had built up a sizable body, we launched a new consumer product via the platform: the Fresh Harvest Box. We designed a complete ecosystem for it: a separate landing page and webshop, mailings, an inspiration app, content for all the social media channels, online ads, etc.

The product is not perfect yet, but the development is still evolving. To enhance the process, we have set up the Fresh Harvest Tasting Panel. In a series of ‘sprints’, the consumers give feedback about the product itself, the communication, and the ordering process.
By launching its own fruit and vegetable box, The Greenery has learnt a lot about e-commerce and the needs of the end customer. It can then use these lessons to improve its service delivery to its retail customers.

Accelerated innovation

The Port of Rotterdam applies Digital Hospitality at a strategic level. With its ambition to be ‘the smartest port’, digital services are an integral part of its brand positioning.  By adopting open platforms, we are able to accelerate the innovation process. Our work has included, for example, the concept development of PortXL. This is an accelerator whereby selected startups are flown in to work on the innovation of the port.



Digitaal betekent niet perse online. Want de contactmomenten tussen mensen en merken vinden voor een belangrijk deel ook offline plaats. Een goed voorbeeld van digitaal werk in de fysieke ruimte zijn onze ‘festival dashboards’ - die we bij IFFR uiteraard ook inzetten. Deze dashboards geven extra festivalbeleving tijdens het wachten op de film. Het is een geheel nieuw contactmoment (touch point) met het merk IFFR. En ook dit jaagt het delen op social media aan. We kunnen inmiddels aan de pieken op Twitter en Instagram zien wanneer de dashboards in de filmzalen aan staan.

Zo’n beetje ieder project dat we doen onder het label DOOR maakt de koppeling tussen de offline en online wereld. Een trend die waargenomen wordt in de culturele sector, waarbinnen onze opdrachtgevers koplopers (willen) zijn. Jacco schreef hier eerder al over op ons blog.

What's next?

Met trots werken we momenteel aan de digital hospitality van Eindhoven Airport. Een droomcase, waarbij we op meerdere touchpoints de beleving helpen invullen: een nieuwe website, een app, een contentformule. Uiteindelijk ook de communicatie die meer valt in de categorie ‘campagne’. We worden ook betrokken bij touch points op het vliegveld zelf, in de fysieke ruimte. Volop kansen om mooie phygical toepassingen te ontwikkelen.

We helpen merken voorop te lopen in hun markt. Door de combinatie van creativiteit, inzicht in mensen en digital thinking creëren we relevante communicatie en services op alle contactmomenten met het merk.