Digital Hospitality update

There’s no lack of stories about start-ups, innovations and digital applications, but what’s truly inspiring to us is when both technique and creativity are used to create substantial value for brands and people. In this update we’ll share a few good and inspiring examples:

Marte Koeleman

Music based on the weather

You probably aren’t aware of this, but the music you’re listening to often depends on a lot of circumstances. Your mood, the time of the day and… the weather. The North Face responded to this wisely and together with Spotify, launched a single that can only be streamed when it actually rains in your neighbourhood.

Subscription to the doctor

Imagine your doctor’s post looking like an Apple store. No care insurances or own risks, just a subscription in which you can see your doctor as much as you want. You’ll be monitored by an app and the newest techniques will be used to check on your health. Sounds pretty logical right? It happens already at Forward in San Francisco:

Chatting with a box office

For the International Film Festival Rotterdam IN10 previously created the First Aid at Film Selection, that helps you compose your film program. Only sometimes you like your choices made for you. So this year we developed the IFFR Box Office Bot. When you sent IFFR a message on Facebook Messenger during the festival, you immediately received two suggestions for films that were still available that day. Click, buy & enjoy!

Your pet in VR

A typical gadget you didn’t knew you needed. A VR tracker for on your pet, for the HTC Vive. Now you can play games together with your cat, without accidentally stepping on its tale.

Under Armour app-users spend more in webshops

That a digital brand-strategy, in which the end-user is fundamental, isn’t created in one day, is shown in this interview with Chris Bate from Under Armour. However, it does truly deliver something! The data tells us that users of their apps are more open for fitness related advertisements and purchases after doing a work-out.

“Our app-users spend 26% more than when they visit our webshop in a different way.”

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