IFFR Live connects film city Rotterdam with Europe

The first edition of IFFR Live has come to an end. From Saturday 24 to Wednesday 28 January, the IFFR connected film city Rotterdam with the rest of Europe.

Martijn van Mechelen

During the unique event called IFFR Live, five interactive film premières were screened at the IFFR in the Rotterdam Schouwburg and simultaneously telecast in 40 cinemas in:

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Italy
  • the Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • the United Kingdom


IFFR launched this initiative to bring new films to a wider audience using streaming technology and Twitter, which will ultimately enhance the distribution of European films. IN10 has been working closely together with the IFFR for many years (including the First Aid for Film Selection tool and the dashboard Festival Dashboard are just a couple of great examples), and was asked to develop and roll out the IFFR Live concept this year.

IN10 also handled the community management associated with the event on behalf of IFFR as well: from the copywriting of tweets to the scheduling of messages via social media, using Facebook ads, making profiles of influencers, and answering questions received via Twitter and Facebook. Engage! TV handled the live feed of the film premières and the distribution to cinemas across Europe.

Twitter Q&A

Everyone in the audience, whether they were watching in Poland or Spain, was able to take part in a huge Q&A session broadcast live via Twitter. The Q&A session – hosted by Marten Rabarts (EYE Film International) – could be followed live on the IFFR Festival Dashboard on the big screens in the participating cinemas, and also by viewers at home on smartphones, tablets, and computers via IFFR.com/live By simply adding #livecinema to their tweets, their questions were displayed immediately, and then it was up to Marten to pick out the most interesting questions.

The first film to go live was Atlantic. The film is full of incredible scenes on the open sea which are impressive not only because of their beauty, but also because the director and lead actor (windsurfing champion Fettah Lamara) are surfers themselves, which made it a very special premiere. The scenario is partly based on Van Ewijk’s experiences in the small fishing village and windsurfing paradise of Moulay-Bouzerktoun in Morocco.

The interaction that took place during the Q&A between the public, the director Jan-Willem van Ewijk and the lead actors Fettah Lamara and Thekla Reuten, was quite enthralling. Both the questions and the answers came straight from the heart:


"During the Q&A for Atlantic. we got some beautiful questions from all over Europe. Thank you!"
- Thekla Reuten, hoofdrolspeelster Atlantic.


"Atlantic' - strong film about the search for happiness. Great to experience the #IFFR with #livecinema Q&A directors and actors while sitting in #wageningen Annie van Gansewinkel from Wageningen


You can look at all the tweets that were posted during the IFFR with the hashtag #livecinema here


After the successful kick-off with Atlantic, it was the turn of Erbarme Dich – Matthäus Passion Stories, Melody, Speed Walking, and The Sky Above Us.
In the various aftermovies, a different side of the event was highlighted in each film, including the experience of the cast, the audience, and backstage pictures. Behind the scenes at IFFR Live, we were working with around 10 people and at least 30 screens to feed the live broadcasts of the Q&As to the 40 different cinemas. IN10 was there every night to screen the tweets, to answer technical questions, and to post reports about our work on Instagram.

You can see all the aftermovies, Q&A sessions, and trailers here:

Coosto on the online success of #IFFR and #livecinema:

‘Ultimately, IFFR not only managed to plug its own hashtag (#IFFR), but the hashtag #livecinema also became a frequent topic on Twitter and Instagram. Better still, it was trending on Twitter. Hardly surprising though: for the first time in history at an international film festival, the public were able to interact with the makers of the films live on Twitter.’
- Coosto reports ‘IFFR now a big success online as well

Credits header photo: 31pictures.nl

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