Port of Rotterdam in Virtual Reality at Expo Milan

Virtual Reality, the next big thing in the field of digital communication. Together with met Roos & van de Werk, IN10 developed a Virtual Reality experience for the Port of Rotterdam for the World Expo in Milan. The central theme of the Expo was ‘Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life’, which basically means food and everything to do with food.

Arno Wolterman

Port_Of_Rotterdam_05Our team helped with the development of the concept, script, and text creation of Explore Rotterdam in 360° for the Dutch Pavilion. The 360° film puts the viewer literally in the middle of the food chain. As the viewer, you are immersed for almost 4 minutes in a film that shows the food chain at ground level, but also from the air.

Port_Of_Rotterdam_02You see incoming container ships, the container handling operation at the ECT terminal, the distribution centre of The Greenery, the greenhouses of Koppert-Cress, aerial shots of the Westland, and finally the locations where the food is bought/consumed, such as Markthal and FG Foodlabs.

Port_Of_Rotterdam_04All the footage for this 360° production was filmed in collaboration with Scopic, a specialist in 360° films.  In addition, the aerial shots were taken using a drone in collaboration with Airfilms.

Port_Of_Rotterdam_03The umbrella theme of the Dutch presence was "Share, Grow, Live". The Holland Pavilion soon became one of most popular pavilions at the Expo. The Italian newspaper ‘Il Corriere della Sera’ voted the Holland Pavilion one of the three most exciting pavilions at the Expo Milano 2015.

About Expo Milano 2015

The Expo is a world's fair which is held in a major international city once every four years. This year the Expo was held in Milan. This special exhibition featured entries from 112 countries. Each country presented itself with its own specially-designed pavilion. 

Would you like to know more about our Virtual Reality film experience? Then come and take a look through our VR goggles. The 360° film can be seen at the Expo from 1 May to 31 October 2015.


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