The Smartest Port smart content

In line with the ambitions of Port of Rotterdam the theme of the World Port Days this year was The Smartest Port. It’s a theme that asks for new forms of event communication. During the open days of the main port city you discover the port as you never saw her before; completely digital and online.

Marlies de Gooijer

Port reporters

A new feature this year were the Port Reporters. In collaboration with FunX, a competition was held to find two talented young people who were not afraid of a bit of media exposure. The two winners provided a behind-the-scenes account of the World Port Days via Facebook Live.

This activity was not only aimed at attracting more young people, but also at increasing the public profile of the programming. With different features, such as guided tours, exploration excursions, behind the scenes reports, and a Q&A session, the viewers were offered a varied programme of live videos. This was an ideal way for new target audiences to discover how diverse the event is, and to persuade them to visit World Port Days next year. The best-viewed video reached more than 50,000 people and was played by more than 18,000 times.

Smart content

The content formula of the World Port Days was to make sure the content was used in the smartest possible way through the various channels, despite the limited resources available to the event organisers. We assigned a role to each channel, and decided which channels we would develop specific content for, as well as the best way to use the user-generated content, such as on Instagram.

One of the reasons for using live video was Facebook’s algorithm, which currently gives priority to (live) video in the timeline, even without paid advertising. In addition, the photography on the Facebook page was kept up-to-date and used as aesthetically as possible; the most popular picture got more than 1600 likes during the weekend of the event.

Digital strategy

The content formula, which included live telecasts, was just one component of the digital strategy for the World Port Days. One of the most important channels was the website, which is centred around the programming and where excursion visitors can buy tickets. Visitors can set up a personal profile with their preferences to help guide them through the enormous range of demonstrations and excursions on offer.

wereldhavendagen-devices_largeThis year the number of followers on Facebook was doubled, and we reached far more people than previous years via all the online channels, because each year we keep on expanding the channels even further. In this way we are establishing sustainable year-on-year growth for the reach.

We can't wait for the anniversary year in 2017!