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The challenge

Both the Binnenhof (the Dutch parliament) and parliamentary democracy are undergoing radical change. Because of the closing of the Binnenhof and the approaching national elections we are opening the Binnenhof online. With this we aim to develop a relevant and sustainable platform for the next five years. A solid foundation, surrounded by several formats, realtime events and social channels which can be used to respond to current topics and urgent subject matters.

Positive change

The Binnenhof Online is about the past, but it may be even more about the present and the future. We use digital narratives to connect current events (e.g. the elections) with history (the emergence of universal suffrage), making subjects from our history and democracy accessible to a large audience. It is an interactive website where you can wander around in the 360° spaces of the Binnenhof and listen to the stories of everything that happened there.


  • Winner Lovie Awards / Schools & Education
  • Nomination Dutch Interactive Awards
  • Finalist European Design Awards

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Mobile first design

We used a mobile first approach, focussing on what the user will need the most, while ignoring everything else.
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Visual language

We based shapes and graphic elements in our design on characteristic elements found in the exterior and interior of the Dutch Parliament. It makes the design feel more unique and improves the overall experience of Binnenhof online.

Classical and modern in one font family

We selected a font family with a classic and modern type. Connecting the history of the Binnenhof with the modern digital platform.

Complementing & contrasting colors

The colour palette was inspired by the artwork in the Binnenhof, both on the walls and ceilings. The palette contains bright and dark colours in order to create contrast for web accessibility.

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Unique guides

Who better to guide you through the Binnenhof than the people who work there? That’s why we have asked famous Dutch politicians to guide online visitors through the Parliament.

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Episodes on- and off the platform

Aside from allowing you to virtually visit the Binnenhof, the website also offers the option of watching a series of episodes on political leaders who have played a crucial role in the history of the Dutch democracy. These episodes have previously been aired on national television.
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