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As analog as digital can be

Instax / Fujifilm

Instax' biggest fans are 18 to 24 year olds, who love the brand for its fun style, intuitive cameras and instant gratification. Creating true & lasting memories that trump the fleeting digital kicks of social media. At the same time instax fans love their phones and they are quite spoiled when it comes to digital, mobile experiences. With instax.nl we meet their love for analog with the ultimate digital mobile experience.

Intuitive experience

We gave ourselves a challenge: create a slick mobile-first experience that captures the analog fun and intuitive use of instax products. Tactile, full of motion, and filled with content to discover. Keeping in style with the cameras, we jam-packed the website with unique features...

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Pick your color

We know, picking a color is nothing new. But this color picker is something else! Finding your instax match should be part of the fun, and now it is!

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A brand website that is as intuitive and fun as the products.

Swipe, drag & toss

Image carousels are boring. There, we said it. Instead, toss that stuff around! Flick through a stack of instax prints to discover both branded and curated influencer content.

Hold and see

We created a series of vertical lookbook videos that perfectly portray each cameras unique vibe. Press and hold the video to discover it like a freshly printed instax film.

Not a match?

Not feeling the vibe of the camera you’re looking at? No problem! Just swipe right to find the next possible instax love-story.