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UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk


The Dutch tourism industry is booming and Kinderdijk has never been more popular. This is great news of course, but how do you manage the influx of crowds, whilst ensuring an exciting and enriching experience in the wide variety of languages our visitors speak? These were the questions we grappled with whilst designing the comprehensive service design for World Heritage Kinderdijk.


An app that enriches the experience of every Kinderdijk visitor, whilst offering insights and analytics for the organisation. Audio tours and an map enable people to explore the area in a special and personal way. This extra digital dimension ensures that the windmills and the unique history of Kinderdijk are ready for the future.


  • Honoree Lovie Awards

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Visitor management

Year after year, more and more people find their way to Kinderdijk. From Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, by boat, bus and car. To manage this massive visitor influx we developed a personalised travel planner. Allowing the visitors to choose their preferred transport, whilst alleviating the pressure put on public resources.

Spread with storytelling

Hop on the water bus or park down the road and grab a bike. Even getting to Kinderdijk is an exciting experience with the new app. And by showing our visitors around we help them find their way to the lovely local establishments on the way.

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Getting to know each other

The app offers the customers a seamless experience, from booking tickets to taking free tours. These smart connections combined with easily accessible analytics allow Kinderdijk to gather crucial insights and enhance visitor satisfaction.

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Audio tours for young and old

There are long tours and short tours, tours for kids and tours for adults. During the audio tours a local expert takes you on an adventure through history and shows you all the exciting secrets the windmills have to offer. And don’t worry about getting lost in the story, the interactive map can always show you how to get home.

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360° video

Some spots are super interesting, but not so safe. Like the attic of the windmill where the massive wooden beams connect to the vanes. Even here the app allows you to have a sneak peak with the specially recorded 360° videos.

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