How CX design saves UNESCO Kinderdijk

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The Dutch tourism industry is booming and Kinderdijk has never been more popular. This is great news of course, but how do you manage the influx of crowds, whilst ensuring an exciting, enriching and safe experience for all visitors - in the wide variety of languages they speak? These were the questions we grappled with whilst designing the ultimate customer experience for World Heritage Kinderdijk.


A personal tour guide app that enriches the experience of every Kinderdijk visitor, and that offers insights and analytics for the organisation. Through designing the experience and using data to steer people away from peak moments and places, we ensure that the windmills and the unique history of Kinderdijk are ready for the future. Protecting what we love, by giving people what they love.

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Kinderdijk app
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The outstanding contribution made by the people of the Netherlands to the technology of handling water is admirably demonstrated by the installations in the Kinderdijk area.” - UNESCO -

A must-have app

To learn about the visitor’s behaviour, we gave them a digital experience they cannot resist. It can be used throughout the entire visitor journey, giving us valuable insights, every step of the way.

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Personalized travel

Year after year, more and more people find their way to Kinderdijk. From Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, by boat, bus and car. To manage this massive visitor influx we developed a personalised travel planner. Allowing the visitors to choose their preferred transport, whilst alleviating the pressure put on public resources.

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Digital access

The app offers the customers a seamless experience, from booking tickets to taking free tours. These smart connections combined with easily accessible analytics allow Kinderdijk to gather crucial insights and enhance visitor satisfaction.

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Dashboard monitoring

Every use of the app gives real time insights in visitor behaviour and location, pinpointing where any problems might arise. Based on anonymous data the algorithm uses predictive analytics to react to potential overcrowding. This visitor management system is automated and can be monitored in a dashboard that gives live insight into the data streams.

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The Dutch government announced to invest half a million in smart data solutions like Kinderdijk for Dutch sites to prevent more over tourism. 

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