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Royal HaskoningDHV

The challenge

Royal HaskoningDHV works on sustainable solutions for the future, combining their knowledge as engineers, designers and consultants with software and technology. The resulting success stories are a powerful marketing tool. Ideally told by the professionals themselves; but engineers are not salespeople. How do you use technology and design to make the distinctive power of these professionals work for your business on your own platform and beyond? Together with TwentySeven and Pointly, we rose to the challenge.

The result

By completely revising their digital design (IN10) and implementing Sitecore 10 Managed Cloud (TwentySeven), we have modernized the platform both technically and visually. The result is an innovative market approach with the corporate website as a central marketing platform. The new brand experience appears consistently across the platform and other touchpoints, such as Linkedin, while being flexible enough to accommodate sub-brands. By doing this, we have also created a sustainable solution for the future for Royal HaskoningDHV itself.


  • Winner Dutch Interactive Awards

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From optimization to a completely new user experience

The reason for a renewed platform was the need for better digital performance. After investigating the possibilities, optimizing the existing platform turned out to be insufficient. The choice was made to develop on the latest version of Sitecore. We took this moment to zoom in on customer journeys and incorporate the insights into the UX of the new platform.
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Consistent brand experience

After analyzing the customer journeys, a strong focus was placed on improving the filtering and search functions on the platform and optimizing the flow. SEO and offering relevant content were also taken into account. To achieve this, we developed a design system with enormous flexibility, where all pages are made up of reusable components. These components, together with the power of the CMS, ensure a consistent brand experience throughout the entire platform.

Sitecore 10 Managed Cloud

The new technical design is based on a headless setup. This means that the CMS is a standalone entity in the tech ecosystem. This makes the customer's content team less dependent on IT to make adjustments. It is also easier to implement a multichannel strategy because the content in the CMS can be sent to different channels and devices. This strong focus on personalized marketing ensures a better buyer journey.

Automated social selling

The joint approach of TwentySeven and IN10 focuses on matching cases with specialists and leads within specific sectors. Through a connection with the CRM (dynamics 365), personas are built up to offer personalized content in the customer journey. The platform identifies the specific interest of a marketing lead (MQL) and links it to the profile of a specialist. The MQL is then approached via LinkedIn Sales Navigator with relevant content. This extends the visitor experience beyond the platform.

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A system ánd flexibility

We developed a flexible component-based system that allows you to easily create a sub-brand under the Royal HaskoningDHV flag by adjusting colors and content. Twinn is such a sub-brand and focuses on digital products and solutions that enrich Royal HaskoningDHV's services, such as simulation software for digital twins and real-time monitoring.

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