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Up to the challenge?

With the rise of on-demand culture, fewer and fewer people are joining sports associations. Whilst platforms like OneFit enable you to combine all sorts of sports when and where you want. People no longer want to be bound to one game. Instead they want to combine multiple sports into their tight schedules. Together with NOC*NSF we bolstered this trend and entered the multi-sports age.

The results

Meet SportOn, the first truly multi-sports brand and platform. SportOn enables athletes and amateurs alike to access all the sports, anytime, anywhere. From fencing to football, from hockey to horseback riding you can do it all. SportOn is your key to enjoying a sports association without becoming a member. This way you can explore and enjoy as many sports as you want, even on a busy schedule. SportOn also introduces the traditional sports associations to a whole new audience, making it a win win for everyone! Together with NOC*NSF we created the strategy, brand name, concept and campaign. Along with the brand new platform that was launched in September of 2019 in Rotterdam.

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Training on-demand at sports associations

SportOn gets you in on the action at all the sports associations. The platform enables you to enjoy multi-sports without signing up for a full-time membership. A perfect fit for enjoying multiple sports in the age of flex-work. Every week you can pick a new sport. Try out some tennis or give golf a go. Everything is possible on SportOn.

The world of sports is changing fast

People are changing the way they work out. Less and less are signing up for a full-time membership at a single sports association. They want the freedom to try a training and find what fits. 37% of the Dutch who do sports on a monthly basis do so by practicing multiple sports. By enhancing the existing infrastructure of sport associations, with the flexibility of the digital age, we can reach out and cater to the new market for multi-sports.

How it works

Book the training that suits you, whenever you want, no strings attached. Multi-sports go center stage.

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Sport stats

Rotterdam is the first city where you can book a one time training at more than 40 sports associations. The pilot is great for stats as well sports, giving a keen insight into the trends and interests of a wide array of sports fans. By analyzing and understanding the demand for sports in the city the associations can cater to the next generation of sports.

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The campaign

With our multi-channel campaign we showed the sporting public how easy it is to find and book a training on the first platform specifically for sports associations. Advanced as well as the beginner, SportOn allows people to focus on the level of the challenge that suits them, when it suits them. Simply put: SportOn is shaking up sports and opening up opportunities with a new and exciting brand to match.

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