We Make Waves

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Positive change

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is looking to (re)connect with their audience by using a future oriented strategy and vision for the future, and creative concepts to attract a new and loyal audience. Even (or especially) in a time where the world was in lockdown, the orchestra was closer than ever.

What we did

Brand strategy, future vision, creative concepts, new tone of voice and tone of image.

We Make Waves

Creating sound waves is just the beginning for the orchestra. Their music has an emotional, social, cultural and innovative impact on humans, society and the future. We described the brand essence of the orchestra as ‘We make Waves’. Combined with new brand values the brand essence gave direction to impactful programming and concepts.



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There are so many forms of music possible. Offline and online. With this we can continue to touch people worldwide.

- George Wiegel, directeur RPHO -

Open to Wonder

For the opening of the new season, the brand essence was translated into a sensory campaign with musical and Augmented Reality experiences that symbolized the effect that the orchestra has on your mind, heart and body. Imagination, rapture, expectation… wonder!

Digital Future Scoping

The playing field for orchestras is changing. It isn’t a given anymore to have your audience come to the venue. At the same time we notice a lot of possibilities to inspire people with music and rich (digital) experiences. In a Future Scoping Sprint we explored these and other trends, and created a desired future vision and a concrete roadmap to ‘3 horizons’. In short: in 2030 the Rotterdam is a symphonic orchestra fascinated by the future standing on the foundations of her past.

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Wow! It’s Beethoven

In 2020 the traditional month of Beethoven in December was celebrated digitally by the orchestra. With the concept WOW! It’s Beethoven the orchestra did more than livestream 9 symphonies: December was full of surprises. One of them was an Instagram filter, which brought Beethoven directly into your living room.

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In season 21/22 the orchestra starts its own academy, where young talent is (further) educated to become an orchestra musician. Based on insights from interviews with old-academics we developed the promise of the academy: We future proof symphonic careers. From this derived concepts for program components, like ‘Learn to play Digital first’, and ‘Explore the future of the orchestra’ and creative content formats. The academy with its own, young, target audience, calls for a fresh design, with logo, color pallet and own font.

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