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In the Gallery of Dutch Photography you will find 99 distinctive photos that have had a social and artistic impact and are meaningful for the development of photography in the Netherlands. A group of experts selected the photos: from the invention of photography around 1839 to our current digital age. The museum presents this Hall of Fame to inspire you with visual stories that matter. Images to delve into the history of photography and to see the world through different eyes.

For the museum we worked together with Kummer & Herrman to come up with the innovative concept for the exhibition. The Galery of Honour holds 99 distinctive photos, but one spot has purposely been left blank. This is where visitors can add their +1 photo. We built the app that gives visitors information about the exhibition and that lets you upload your +1 photo.


  • Honoree The Webby Awards
  • Nomination Dutch Interactive Awards
  • The Lovie Awards / Utilities & Services
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Develop your image of Dutch Photography

If you want to know why an image has been selected, we explain in an app with image and audio stories why it belongs in the Gallery of Honour. We use different perspectives from artists, writers, activists and photographers to explain why the photo is important for the history of Dutch photography. But above all: we are curious what the visitor thinks is the most important photo. The app allows you to make your own selection. You decide for yourself what the decisive photo is. That's the photo that completes your Gallery of Honour: 99+1.

Engaging stories

The images in the Gallery of Honour will make you look at the world with new, different eyes. Behind each iconic photo in the Gallery of Honour, a unique story is waiting to be discovered. Use the app to reveal them through short film clips, interviews, or animations. Each story explains what makes it so unique and why it deserves a place in the Gallery of Honour. Emphasis is given to include a variety of voices as the stories are told from different perspectives.

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Experience for yourself

Download the app by scanning the QR-code below (next to the photo). Install the app, scan the QR-code again and view the story with, among other things, the story of Naomie Pieter. A well-known Dutch performance artist, choreographer and anti-racism and queer activist.

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Like your favorite photos

With the app, visitors are invited to pick their favorites and upload their own +1 photo.

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You decide. Add your +1

The Gallery of Honour consists of 99 iconic works, plus one empty frame. This symbolises the photograph that – consciously or subconsciously – was not chosen or noticed, not known or not (yet) appreciated. The public can pick this ‘missing photo’ themselves. In this way, the Gallery of Honour invites everyone to offer a response to the current selection of photographs.

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Your photo in the Gallery of Honour

The photo you select really becomes part of the exhibition. We will show your photo on a big screen together with all other +1 photos.

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