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Dutch people aged between 18 and 40 years go online an average of 3 times a day, searching for know-how and trivia. The platform gives users the opportunity to gain knowledge through short stories with unique content, derived from the video collection of the knowledge platform of the public broadcasting service. NPO Kennis, which is edited by the NTR, separates facts from fiction, with the purpose of helping the public understand the news and the world around them.

What we did

Digital strategy, concept, UX design, motion design, front-end development.


  • Winner Dutch Interactive Awards
  • Winner Lovie Awards / Lifestyle

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Introducing Story Cards

The platform is built around so-called Story Cards. These allow us to chop any story into smaller, more attractive parts. Enriched with video, graphics but also interactions, every Story Card is a super condensed piece of infotainment. Very swipeable and shareable on their own, but when combined, they provide an abundance of knowledge you would normally only get from a long read.

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We provide answers to currently relevant questions. For example; why do people crave human touch?”

Everything you’ve always wanted to know

NPO is the biggest provider of audiovisual informational and educational material in the Netherlands. An important high-quality source of information, with a wealth of relevant content, which is still hard to find for the public in pursuit of answers to their questions. To clarify important matters context is being offered and educational layers have been added to the source material in the form of infographics, quizzes and polls.

Feeding curiosity

The entire platform has been designed to aid users in finding subjects they are curious about. It adds background information on current affairs and random tidbits to pique their interest. The platform is interwoven with social media, creating a fluid flow between the different channels, thus further blending knowledge consumption with other media consumption.

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Inclusive and accessible design

One of our goals was to design a platform that can be used by a diverse group of people. We followed the web accessibility guidelines to create a user-friendly platform compliant with WCAG 2.1.

Designing for multiple devices

As people access information from an increasing number of devices. Design is more than just resizing content to be displayed on different screens. People are shifting from device to device, and they expect their products and services to shift with them. The user's experience should be excellent and equal, no matter the device.

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