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Effenaar aims to position itself as the pop venue of the future. Significant progress has been made in recent years through projects such as The Sessions, Hybrid Music Vibes, and the Effenaar Makerspace. We have developed a website that informs, stimulates, and excites the audience while also providing a platform for the Effenaar Makerspace and the artists associated with it.


The new website positions Effenaar as a leading pop venue and musical platform focused on the future. Visitors not only discover new music, but also become 'makers' themselves. The improved calendar makes ticket sales easier, while visual stories showcase what's happening. Visitors can contribute ideas and participate in the programming. The physical stage has been given a virtual space called "Spaces." As a result, Effenaar is the first pop venue to provide a digital platform for artists, technological innovations, and musical experiments.

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Content Driven Platform

To position Effenaar as the 'pop venue of the future', we are merging the brands Effenaar and Smart Venue. Storytelling plays a crucial role in this endeavor. Using the concept of 'new hybrid music experiences of the future', the Smart Venue experiments have their own platform on the website. The physical stage now has a virtual space called Spaces.

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Long form for in-depth stories

On the platform, you will find in-depth articles and interviews about new trends in music, culture, and nightlife.


Spaces are the areas on the website where the interaction between the digital and physical music experience takes place. Spaces helps visitors discover new bands and music trends. The programmers at Effenaar share their knowledge of the club circuit through interactive visual stories. In Stories, bands that are making a difference or representing a new generation are showcased, along with in-depth articles and interviews. There is also room for experimentation and research.

Every artist his own 'space'

The concept of Spaces is also reflected in other areas of the website. Artists have their own dedicated space, emphasized by a unique color combination.

Filter, click, go!

The calendar is now more comprehensive, user-friendly, and accessible. You can easily filter events by genre and immediately see the concert venue. Through labels, you can quickly identify which concerts you can still attend last minute or, unfortunately, are no longer available.

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Ready for the future

Within the Effenaar research program, investigations are conducted into new technologies and innovations. The aim is to discover how these technologies can be applied in the music industry. The findings are showcased in Spaces, giving Effenaar a virtual presence and ensuring readiness for the future of music.

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