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Laurens Healthcare works with 6.000 employees towards the health and wellbeing of thousands of inhabitants of Rotterdam: at home, in rehabilitation, or in the last phase of their lives. A role that becomes more and more challenging because of the growing demand and complexity of health care. IN10 helps Laurens with both a future proof model and a way to innovate their services. Getting their employees involved along the way, which benefits the employer brand.

What we did

Positioning, employer branding, vision for the future of home care, innovation sprints and design sprints, service design.

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Extraordinary familiar

When you’re temporarily or permanently less healthy, or able to do less, ordinary things become less of a given. The people of Laurens are especially driven and inventive to make sure that things that are ordinary, stay that way. (And that in itself is pretty special.)

This insight is the foundation of the positioning and brand essence of Laurens: extraordinary ordinary. This, together with the new leading principles, serves as a guiding instrument in their strategy.

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Design sprints

The positioning is reflected in the innovation of the customer experience, which is developed in co-creation with employees. In a design sprint the core teams of Laurens and IN10 develop a concept into a working and tested prototype in 5 days.

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Future Scoping Laurens

The current model of home care won’t be tenable for long. Supply and demand are no longer well balanced, while e-health and e-wellness technologies are finding their ways to the everyday lives of people. This calls for innovation of health care itself, and a different role for wellness professionals. In a Future Scoping sprint we explored the playing field in 2030, formulated a vision for the desired future and created a road map based on the chosen transformation themes.

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1500 creators of the future

The future of home care is not shaped in the boardroom, we need input and ideas from the people who are putting it into practice. We engaged 1500 employees in various formats and came up with concrete concepts for a future proof home care. Together with employees of all ages and with different job titles.

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Employer branding

Four pillars from the employer promise are at the heart of all the recruitment campaigns: flexible work, innovation, participating and developing. These are the triggers for healthcare professionals and the way they are present at Laurens sets them apart as an employer.

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Internal branding

“If you can develop yourself and shape your own work, we all can take better care of our clients together.”

Peer to peer recruitment

An instagram filter motivates employees to look for a new colleague in their own network.

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